Repair Process & Timeline

Vehicle Drop Off/Check-In

When you drop off your vehicle, a few things will happen:

  • The vehicle will go through our check-in process: photos and inspection (related damage, prior damage, etc.)
  • A technician will be assigned to begin tear down on the vehicle (vehicle will be dismantled to reveal all related damages)
  • The estimator will work with the technician in creating a supplement (if applicable)

Supplement Process

A supplement occurs in the repair process if additional/missed and/or hidden damages are found. This step occurs once the vehicle has been torn down and the full extent of damages are visible. Once a supplement has been submitted to the insurance company, the body shop must wait for the insurance company to reinspect the vehicle before any related repairs may continue.

Repair Completion

Once we have a comprehensive estimate (approved supplement) we continue with the repair process. A typical repair process is as follows:

  • Additional parts are ordered
  • Mechanical repairs are completed 
  • Body repairs (including parts replacement) are completed
  • Vehicle enters the paint department for prep (prime & block)
  • Vehicle is masked and painted
  • Vehicle enters reassembly
  • Detail and delivery